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The Italians have a rich history and culture when it comes to their cuisine. While it is easy to stereotype Italian foods as primarily being dishes with pasta and marinara sauce, such as spaghetti marinara or lasagne, there are many different types of Italian food which utilizes the rich variety of vegetables, fruits, cheeses, meats and grains of the region. In addition, Italian foods vary greatly from one part of the nation to another. The food that is commonly eaten in Northern Italy is not identical to the food eaten in the South; additionally, the autonomous island of Sicily, also part of the Italian nation has its own unique culinary culture.
Best facial treatments at home Those who cannot spend the entire day at a beauty spa or are unable to afford facials by professionals can consider getting a facial done at home. You may think that the best facial treatments may cost you a fortune but now home treatments are available to help you get glowing skin, which is free from acne. Home facials include facial treatments for sensitive skin using mild products like honey and Aloe Vera. Other beauty
Losing weight is one of the toughest things to do. Shedding off those unwanted fats are extremely a difficult task. But with the right approach towards what we eat and a healthy lifestyle it is possible to achieve a body that we always dreamt of! Here are a few tips in reducing weight effectively:
Majority of females would agree that a ponytail is the best way to handle bad hair. Ponies are utilized more than times we can remember because we just can't be bothered to think beyond such a simple solution. Truth is, there are some fast and easy fixes that will let you avoid the bad hair day walk-of-shame and infuse some style into your look. Not that there's anything wrong with adopting the ponytail, it's just great to have options.
Japanese food had always been a very popular cuisine around the world. As more and more people begin to enjoy having Japanese food, many also begin to love to try doing it on their own. Today, we will be giving you some guidelines on how to make Japanese food. The first thing that you will need to do if you want to learn how to cook Japanese food is to get the Japanese cooking equipment and ingredients. Since they are now widely available around the world with globalization, you do not need to worry about not being able to find them.

Express & Clean

We wash, you wear, it's that simple!


Mix Box Interior

Challenging dreams into reality


Dust off

We love doing the dirty work!


Image Creative

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U -Home

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Concept Transportation Services

CONCEPT was established in 2008, since then we have help people move all over Singapore. To provi...

Home Cleanz Cleaning Services

Home Cleanz is founded and managed by two graduates from the School of Design & Environment, Nati...

Home Carely Cleaning Services Pte Ltd

Home Carely Cleaning Services offers only the best in cleaning services, customized to meet your ...

Altitude Living Pte Ltd

Altitude Living is a boutique interior design studio by a dedicated team committed to delivering ...

Divas Interior

“One of our greatest source of happiness in work is the satisfaction and contentment of our cli...

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Majestic Restaurant

The Restaurant

Opened in January 2006, the award-winning Majestic Restaurant continues to be a s...


“There is no such thing as petite sumo. But no matter what size you are, you can always be big ...

Ristorante Da Valentino

Headed by Executive Chef Valentino and assisted by his mother, Alma, in the kitchen and father, G...

Eatzi Gourmet Catering

Simple Yet Scrumptious

Eatzi Gourmet comprises of Eatzi Gourmet Bakery, Eatzi Gourmet Catering a...

Chang Korean BBQ Restaurant

Chang Korean charcoal BBQ

Restaurant is a cut above the rest.

We serve high quality authentic K...

  • Stamford Catering
    Stamford Catering

    Stamford Catering strives towars firmly believing that every occasion deserves…

  • Sushi Tei
    Sushi Tei

    Sushi Tei – Where pristine culinary skills and incisive expertise…

  • Jin Shan
    Jin Shan

    The height of fine Asian cuisine Step into a world…

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Neo Car Rental

At Neo R and R, we believe in getting every penny worth for our customers, Therefore, we provide ...

Evergren Rent a Car

Evergreen Rent A Car Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tiong Choon Co. Pte Ltd,
a Singapore...


Polypet is founded by Mr and Mrs Loo.

First established in 2004, we had since laid roots in the he...

CDiC Consultants LLP

CDiC Consultants LLP (CDiC) is a specialist investigation services firm that counts service excel...

The Space Seller

Presidential Development Corp. developed traditional self storage in the United States. We branch...

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Amanda Lee Weddings

As one of the most prolific gown designer in Singapore’s bridal industry, Amanda Lee designs ar...

The Wedding Present

The Wedding Present label was established by Patrick Chan and Jordan Ong in 1998 and since then i...

HongRay Photography

Hong Ray's career encompasses 3 years as a professional photographer. He has received acceptance ...

Inoue Photography

Born in Singapore, studied in Hong Kong(HK Academy for Performing Arts) , Beijing (Beijing Film S...

The Aisle Bridal

Begin your wedding journey with them through an in-depth consultation of your needs, budget and e...

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Marie France Bodyline

About the World’s Slimming Professional

Flaunt a figure that only Marie France Bodyline can gi...

Bossin Hair Care

Bossin Hair Care was the first in the hair care industry to apply Hair Care treatment scientifi...

NeuGlow The Aesthetics Doctors

NeuGlow The Aesthetics Doctors, pioneers in the field of medical aesthetics, has brought to you h...

Japan Hair Growth Consultants

BIOTECH Japan (known as JHGC in Singapore), the pioneer of the hair restoration and hair growth i...

Lark the spa atelier

Imagine… a private space, cosy, self-sufficient, filled with a treasure trove of beloved items ...

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