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Professional catering services require owners to have at least the basic requirements. The standard items you’ll often see owned by caterers are food warmers and hot or cold water dispensers. But there is more to these items at the back end of the business since the people behind a successful catering company are also equipped with high quality supplies and items. One of the must-haves for catering pros is a heavy duty refrigerator. This is an important piece of equipment that is also expensive if you’ll choose a high-end brand. If you need to store lots of ingredients such as fresh vegetables, dairy products, and pre-cooked dishes, commercial fridges are the way to go.
The spa industry in Singapore continues to flourish. With the growth of more spa, wellness and beauty connoisseur in Singapore and around the world. This 2013, Susie Ellis, president of SpaFinder Wellness compiled a SpaFinder Wellness Trend Report which predicts that there will be a revival of authentic Ayurveda and other ancient revivals.
The wedding day is one of the biggest events of your lifetime. It is usually one event that requires much planning. It is also the day where you will be celebrating with the love of your life. Therefore, wedding photography is an important area that you have to take care of for your wedding. When it comes to this area, you can never do too much planning. In the recent trends, brides and grooms are interested in introducing their own unique style into their wedding photographs. With the Internet, choosing a photographer has become a lot easier. As the photographers today are able to showcase their creativity and talents through their online galleries, allowing you to go through their galleries to search for a style that you like.
A perfect smile will boost your confidence levels in ways you never felt possible and thanks to the relatively painless, simple procedures involved, even the most timid clients should be able to achieve the smile they have always wanted. Below are the list of the three main procedures that is offered by most major cosmetic dentist and outline practices therein.
Having people you do not know cleaning your house can feel very intrusive. It is therefore important that you select a part-time house cleaner that you are comfortable with. Take your time choosing to make sure that you are comfortable with the cleaning service you finally engage to carry out the job. It is important to note that no one can do the cleaning exactly the way you do it, however, you can show the cleaners how you like your cleaning done and they can adjust themselves to accommodate your preferences. Also make sure that the cleaning is done at a time that you are comfortable with. Some people like to be home to supervise cleaning, while others prefer to disappear and then show up to a house that is spic and span.

Express & Clean

We wash, you wear, it's that simple!


Mix Box Interior

Challenging dreams into reality


Dust off

We love doing the dirty work!


Image Creative

Homes truly transformed


U -Home

Where dream home begins



Dust Matters

Dust Matters is an established cleaning company based in Singapore specializing in domestic home ...

Eight Design Pte Ltd

EIGHT DESIGN PTE LTD has dabbled in a slew of styles over the years and with their dedicated team...

Home Carely Cleaning Services Pte Ltd

Home Carely Cleaning Services offers only the best in cleaning services, customized to meet your ...

Altitude Living Pte Ltd

Altitude Living is a boutique interior design studio by a dedicated team committed to delivering ...

Budget Cleaning & Housekeeping Svcs

Budget Cleaning & Housekeeping Svcs is a homegrown cleaning company in Singapore which provides q...

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La Villa

La Villa, meaning 'The House', opened its doors on 1 October 2008 at River Valley Road. This late...

Eatzi Gourmet Catering

Simple Yet Scrumptious

Eatzi Gourmet comprises of Eatzi Gourmet Bakery, Eatzi Gourmet Catering a...

Eatz Catering

Eatz Catering Services Pte Ltd was birthed out of their customers’ frequent requests for them t...


With approximately 800 outlets, Gyu-Kaku is one of the most famous Yakiniku houses in Japan. So i...

Bonta Italian Restaurant & Bar


In 2007, Bontá Italian Restaurant and Bar was opened amidst the bustling wine an...

  • Senso Ristorante & Bar
    Senso Ristorante & Bar

    Established in 2000 on 21 Club Street , Senso Ristorante…

  • Stamford Catering
    Stamford Catering

    Stamford Catering strives towars firmly believing that every occasion deserves…

  • Kinki

    “There is no such thing as petite sumo. But no…

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Ace Drive

Ace Drive Pte Ltd (Business Registration #201004348K) is a related entity of Cars & Stars Pte Ltd...

Dog Town

Welcome to Dog Town Pet Shop & Pet Grooming Singapore- the latest chic grooming place to be at ...

Lunch Actually

LUNCH Actually is Asia’s first lunch dating specialist which specializes in arranging fun and q...


About Avis in Singapore

Avis Singapore provides business and leisure customers with a wide range...

Saint Security Consultants

Saint Security Consultants are Singapore’s leading security services and private investigations...

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Jess Haute Couture

The owner and designer of Jess Haute Couture, Jessica Chin studied fashion design at Fashion Inst...

Inoue Photography

Born in Singapore, studied in Hong Kong(HK Academy for Performing Arts) , Beijing (Beijing Film S...

Margaret Brides

Be bowled over by the vintage warmth and timeless elegance of Margaret's gowns.

As owner and des...

Silverlining Bridal Couture

Our wedding day is a day to remember for life. At Silverlining, they would like you to keep more ...

Octopus Wedding

Individually we bring talent and technicality. As a team, we bring depth, emotions and meaning to...

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Q & M Dental Group


To be the leading dental healthcare group in the region.


To provide qualit...

Healing Touch

Healing Touch – Knead Your Cares Away

Healing Touch is Singapore’s most recommended spa on ...

Smile Makers

The minute your step into Smile Makers, you will be struck by the fact that their walls are decor...

Spa Boutique

Poised to Revive at Singapore’s urban integrated spa

The urban oasis where the wisdom that out...

NeuGlow The Aesthetics Doctors

NeuGlow The Aesthetics Doctors, pioneers in the field of medical aesthetics, has brought to you h...

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