The Must-haves for brides

Often, you brides spend time and effort on arranging your hair and making up to look as perfect as you can be. Most forget how uncomfortable you can get during the ceremony or reception with that heavy dress and your six inch heels. To keep you in your best state, dancing and mingling with your guests, here are some of the most essential bride must-haves for your wedding day. With that, you can be prepared for whatever the day has in stored.

A pair of good heels
Imagine you having to stand and walk around in those six inch heels for a few hours. It sure doesn’t sound comfy. Not buying a pair of good heels is the main reason why many brides switch to flip-flops in the middle of a wedding reception. If you are unsure of whether it is a good pair of heels, you can consider testing out the shoes in advance. While experts suggest that you can walk around your home to break the shoes in and making sure that your feet doesn’t hurt. However if you're insistent on a particular heels, you can also bring along a pair of comfortable flats.

A piece of breathable gown
Try on your dress before you make the buying decision. When trying it on at the shop, if it feels too tight, it will probably be the same case on your wedding day. Move around and get a feel of the dress to ensure that you are comfortable.

Smudge proof mascara
Be sure to be wearing good mascara on your wedding day, this will keep your makeup looking fresh, and you'll rest assured that you have no smudges to worry about. You may now cry as you please.

Mini perfume
Often, during wedding days, sweating is unavoidable because of the stress from all the ceremony and receptions. It is crucial to avoid any sweat patches or weird scents from emerging because it is your wedding day. It is best to be keeping a small perfume in hand because it will come in handy. If you are planning to prepare a selection of cosmetics and toiletries to be kept in the ladies’ bathroom for bridesmaids and guests to use, perfume could always be added in.

Long-lasting lip color
From kissing to eating, your lipstick will tend to smear away. To prevent that from happening, before deciding on one brand or color, try it out for a period of time. Wear it while doing all the things you normally do to see if it has the possibility of fading, smudging, or smearing. And make sure you pack that tube of lipstick as part of the selections in the ladies’.

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