Guide to choosing your wedding favors

Here are some helpful tips to help you make the right choice when choosing wedding favors for your guests.

Practical wedding favors are great idea for guests to be able to keep as souvenir after your wedding. In this category there are many types of favors to choose from, ranging from pens to mugs.

For readers who are getting married in tropical countries, the heat of the sunny climates makes an elegant folding fan the most appreciated gift you could give. These fans can be bought cheaply in bulk and will double up as beautiful table decorations. A point to note is that if you are getting married overseas, remember to take into account the weight of the favors before making your decision.

Edible favors are always loved by both male and female guests. Admit it that most of us love sweets, chocolate being one of the favorite choices. If you do not like chocolates, there is also a fantastic range of cookies, macaroons or cupcakes in the market. The packaging are becoming more and more fashionable which will make it look fantastic as a table decoration piece. Let’s also not forget about the traditional tidbits and sugared nuts as a favor choice.

If you think you are a little tight on your budget, why not just give wedding favors to the more appreciative ladies. There is definitely a wider range of choices for them. Women sure love things that look pretty and practical, a pretty compact or lipstick holder will do the trick!

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