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How to save money on car rentals

Car rental doesn’t have to be that expensive as you would imagine. Some car rental companies offer best deals without compromising on the service. Car rental companies have complex operations and fees that they need to take account for when setting their rental charges, if you have some knowledge on this you can avoid these charges.

Here are a few tips on how you can save money:

Picking a car up at the airport

Car rental companies have to pay some airport concession fees for all the cars being rented from airport locations. Obviously these fees are being pass on to customers, so if there is a rental location close to the airport that you can choose, then opt for it; it can save you some money.

Book the most popular car group

The more popular the car group, the more difficult it is to maintain stock. Generally, if they don’t have the car you booked they will give you a free upgrade. This is because the larger, more expensive cars don’t get booked as much as the smaller cheaper cars. If you book the smallest car that is acceptable to you, there is always a good chance of getting a free upgrade if you’re picking it up at a busy time.

Book well in advance

It is much easier for car rental companies to forecast how many cars they need if they’ve got all their bookings in advance, the car rental companies will very often have their cheapest rates loaded for rates well in advance, so book your car as soon as you know your travel dates and you will end up saving more.

Always get a discount code

Apart from peak periods, you should always get some kind of discount code. Always check the terms of the offers, even though an offer might say it is for a weekend rental, some you could still use for other times. Try to search online for car rental companies who offer discount coupons, it will be worth it.

Watch your collection and return times

Most car rental companies charge daily rates. That means if you pick up a car at 10 am and return it back at 11 am the next day you will get charged for 2 days rental. If possible try and ensure that your return time is always the same or preferably just before your collection time. This way you will never get charge the extra day.

If possible, book when they’ve got too many cars

If you’re travel plans are reasonably open try and book when they’ve got a lot of cars and you can even land yourself an absolute bargain. Book just after Christmas and you could find that all the cars that have just been returned are very cheap to book. In car rental terms, a car sat in their park is a huge cost and they’d rather let you have it very cheaply than just letting it sit there.

Always ask for more

The golden rule is to always ask for more, the worst they can do is say no. When you get to the counter always ask if they have any free upgrades. Often, this prompt might be all they need to remember that they can’t shift that big Mercedes out the back, and if you have it, they wouldn’t worry about it anymore.

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