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What are the necessary things needed for pro caterers?

Professional catering services require owners to have at least the basic requirements. The standard items you’ll often see owned by caterers are food warmers and hot or cold water dispensers. But there is more to these items at the back end of the business since the people behind a successful catering company are also equipped with high quality supplies and items.

One of the must-haves for catering pros is a heavy duty refrigerator. This is an important piece of equipment that is also expensive if you’ll choose a high-end brand. If you need to store lots of ingredients such as fresh vegetables, dairy products, and pre-cooked dishes, commercial fridges are the way to go.

Although not all catering companies can afford massive fridges or walk-in cool rooms, it is best to look into the possibilities of renting or ‘rent to own scheme ‘which is easier on the wallet. You should opt for commercial fridges with lots of storage space and trays since you’ll be keeping lots of food items that require cooling.

Another piece of equipment on the back-end is an oven or two. These should be dedicated ovens for roasting and baking meals.  For cakes and pastries, you can have a separate oven if you bake and sell goodies on a regular basis.

Food displays for buffets are also essential if you are often commissioned to cater large events, corporate parties, and weddings. Choose food displays for salads, chilled desserts, pastries, soups, and self-served dishes. You can get a multi-purpose food display which can help you save on cash while serving the dishes that your clients want for their events and celebrations.

Freezers are also important must-have especially if you are catering on a massive scale. This is also the same case with concessionaires since they’re both preparing large batches of dishes every day. If you are catering more than ten clients per month, it is best to have a commercial freezer on-hand for meats, fish, and other raw ingredients that need to be frozen for freshness and extending shelf-life for some of the cooked items.

And of course, the SOP is to have proper kitchen appliances and utensils. Stainless steel pots, bowls, knives, ladles, and cleavers are essential for any working kitchen. Mixing bowls, food processors, blenders, and measuring cups are also among the most commonly found items.

If you are new in the catering industry, you will need to invest on a few items from the above-mentioned must-haves. You can always start with a few items and use your profit to invest on the next.

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