Chinese Restaurants with nice foods

Reasons why you should go for a Chinese food diet

Chinese are very health conscious and the kinds of food they eat are usually very healthy. So you can definitely add Chinese food on your diet

Here are the reasons why:

  1. The Chinese cooking methods such as steaming, roasting, boiling, stewing, baking involve the use of very little or no oil. In addition, most of the popular Chinese delicacies are stir-fried and not deep-fried.
  2. The traditional Chinese cuisine is such that a desired balance is maintained between the “Yin” foods, which comprises of fruits and vegetables, and the “Yang” foods which refer to the different types of meat. This balance according to the Chinese is very necessary to ward off most illnesses and ailments.
  3. Certain Chinese food ingredients and food products such as mushrooms and green tea are even thought to contain certain chemicals that can fight cancer. Green tea is also known to contain anti-oxidants that help to lose weight.
  4. A typical Chinese diet includes loads of carbohydrates, plenty of vegetables, the right quantity of brown rice, meat used as seasoning, and a copious amount of tea, and is therefore an ideal diet to maintain your health. Also red meat which increases the level of cholesterol, is used only occasionally in Chinese delicacies.
  5. In the Chinese cuisine, more emphasis is laid on the use of right combination of herbs, spices and condiments which are also very good for a sound health.
  6. Most Chinese delicacies are prepared using polyunsaturated oils instead of other milk based ingredients such as cream, butter or cheese.
  7. Chinese foods are not very costly and can best fit in your tight budget.
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