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Chinese Tea

Chinese tea is a beverage from the leaves of tea plants that are boiled with water. There are many different kinds of tea leaves that are used for tea in China. Chinese tea leaves are processed using traditional Chinese methods. The Chinese drinks tea throughout the day, including during meals, just like how the Japanese drinks the green tea.

The practice of drinking tea already has a long history in China where it first originated from. Although tea originated from China, Chinese tea generally are tea leaves which have been processed using the methods that are inherited from ancient China. According to a well-known legend, tea was actually discovered by Chinese Emperor Shennong when a leaf accidentally fell into the water that the emperor was boiling back then. Ever since then tea have been deeply interlink into the history and culture of China.

There are several benefits of Chinese Teas which most of you are probably unaware of. Here are a few of the more notable ones.

Supports oral health
In Chinese teas, there are certain anti-bacterial chemicals that are able to support oral health. It is able to slow down the formation of plaque on your teeth. This is a cheaper and easier alternative to visiting your dentist to get rid of plaque.

Helps prevent Cancer
A chemical in Chinese teas had been proven to slow down the growth of cancerous cells and even preventing cancerous cells from forming. It is a safer alternative to the other medications that causes side effects.

Treats Headache
Chinese tea has been used to prevent headaches for years. With its natural anti-inflammatory, it is able to cure pain by releasing headache tension.

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