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Sushi Tei

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Sushi Tei – Where pristine culinary skills and incisive expertise with an innate appreciation of nature come together to inspire and enhance the experience of true Japanese dining.

Since our debut in 1994, we have combined the best that the expansive Japanese cuisine has to offer, marrying the intricacies of sashimi to the theatrical flair of teppanyaki with an innate intuition of local tastes to forge an inimitable identity of our own.

Sushi Tei is no ordinaire dining restaurant, notably we believe in providing an ethereal with an alluring ambience more than a dining experience just for you by setting ourselves apart from the norm.

We present an assortment of scrumptious and creatively designed Japanese gastronomy - appealing to the delight of aficionados of Japanese cuisine. Our menu features Japanese offerings and innovative dishes illustrating the emerging influence of Asia on modern Japanese cuisine. A revolving selection of appetizer, dinner, sushi specials guarantee a new experience with each visit to our restaurant outlets. More than often, seasonal themes sprung up to unleash the inquisitive mind of our customers with the likes of Hokkaido's promotion and more that has yet to come following the changes accordingly to Japan’s season, Salmon harvesting season, Autumn's special the coldest season, Aburi Spring season special, etc.

With also the modest and unassuming homegrown Japanese Kaiten (conveyor belt) chain, it is by no revelation that we conform to an open-kitchen concept that allows our patrons the prerogative to relish the mouth-watering savories amidst the gazing of the culinary skills of the restaurants' chefs.

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  • Address: No. 120 Lower Delta Road,#02-10/11, Cendex Centre, Singapore 169208
  • Phone: +65 6376 2221
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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