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Togi Korean Restaurant

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One of the Korean restaurants in Singapore that serves authentic Korean cuisine is the Togi Korean restaurant. What makes this Korean popular aside from their dishes is their staff. All the staffs appreciate the type of services their staffs provide to their patrons and customers. According to some locals, the staffs are amazingly friendly. By the time you will enter the restaurant, they will immediately guide you to your seat and will get your order. And take note, the owner of the restaurant will also be there to help the staff in serving you. As a matter of fact, the lady boss will you help in handling the cuisine you order. The owner will guide you on how to eat that specific cuisine you ordered to absolutely feel the true essence and taste of Korean food.

Located at 11 Mosque Street, Singapore, Togi Korean restaurant in Singapore is not a huge type or kind of Korean restaurant. Yes it is a small place only. The restaurant is casual and very homely. The size of the restaurant never affects the food, dishes and service they provide and serve to everyone. On the top of their list is to satisfy each and everyone who visits their restaurant.

Togi Korean restaurant serves cheap yet delicious Korean dishes. And their appetizers are flowing freely. You are also allowed to refill any side dish of your choice. Some of their tremendous cuisines are Bim Bim Ba, Kimchi soup and chicken stew. Their chicken stew is one of the locals most favourite which is spicy. They also have some traditional Korean cuisine like the Duk-buk-gi or other name for spicy rice cake.

Another good thing about the restaurant is that the place is so family friendly. As we all know, Koreans are mostly family oriented. They also apply that in the restaurant. Most of their dishes in the menu are good for the family. Togi Korean restaurant is surely the best place for a family who wants to experience fine dining. True taste of authentic Korean cuisine and ambience of a perfect place for the whole family is what Togi Korean restaurant is all about.

Additional Info

  • Address: 11 Mosque Street, Singapore 059491
  • Phone: +65 6221 0830 / +65 6324 9790
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