6 Beauty Sins You Might Commit

You’ve perfected your daily beauty regime- cleanse, tone and moisturize.  You give attention and care to your skin flawlessly and impeccably but despite all the TLC, your looks are lacking lustre. Unbeknownst to you, a few faux pas may hinder your grooming routine. Fix them, and you just might wake up with the skin you've always dreamed of.

1.    Going to bed with make up on
When you fail to wash your face before sleeping, your skin has the chance to soak in a day’s worth of debris and oil overnight. The skin is unable to breathe, regenerate tissue, exfoliate dead surface cells and heal itself. This can lead to breakouts, excessive oiliness, a dull complexion or even dry skin. Night time is when the skin rejuvenates itself, so it’s very important to purify and cleanse before sleeping.

2.    You are not washing your pillow case
When you do your laundry, remember to regularly include your pillow case. It collects more dead skin, oil and moisturizer detritus than anything else you own. It then delivers right back to your skin when you lay down to sleep. Likewise for your phone, wipe it with a soft cloth at least once per week.
3.    Unprotected sun exposure
Increasing exposure to ultra violet rays over the years will add up to significant skin damage besides adding years to the skin. The UV light causes pigmentation of the skin, damages the collagen (the elastic tissue) of the skin and in extreme cases, and has the potential to cause skin cancers.

4.    You hit the gym with makeup on
Regardless of how handsome your trainer is, you need to brave the floor bare faced. Makeup and sweats can add up to serious pore clogging problems. Keep makeup-removing wipes in your bag and use them before you work out.

5.    Cleansing your face with hot water
Washing away residue is definitely important but when you rinse with hot water, you can do more harm than good. A temperature that’s scorching causes broken capillaries on the face. The capillary walls are very thin and elastic, so they are reactive to temperature. To keep skin balanced, always cleanse with lukewarm or tepid water.

6.    You’re out of order
Do you know that you could be applying your products the wrong way? Is it moisturizer first and then acne treatment? Anti-aging follows by SPF? To begin with, you should always use "treatment-oriented" products before anything else. You don't want any barriers obstructing the treatment's ability to do its job.

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