Gua Sha Face Treatment

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese therapy widely practiced in China in ancient times. This technique involves an instrument, typically made of jade or water buffalo horn.

This is gently stroked over the face to promote blood circulation and reduce water retention.

According to ancient Chinese beliefs, your face is a reflective zone for your internal organs.

And any facial areas with problems are thought to be associated with present unhealthy parts of your body.

Your outer wellbeing - the state of your skin and face - shows your inner state of health; so, by removing built-up toxins and stimulating the body’s blood circulation, you’ll find that you not only feel better, you’ll also regain that youthful glow as a result of a revitalized inner system

Gua Sha Fusion is synergistically created with the best of Eastern and Western therapies. Microdermabrasion is incorporated to assist in effective removal of dead cells and pure essential oil blends are customized to meet individual’s skin needs.

The Gua Sha instrument is gently stroked across the whole face creating muscle and lymph stimulation.

This action promotes blood circulation and detoxifies your skin to reduce signs of aging. It gives a visible lift to your skin, reduces dark circles, puffiness, even skin tone, revitalize tired, sagging and dull skin.

The result? Your facial contours are sharper and firmer, while your skin is radiant and glowing.

Gua Sha is unlike regular face treatments, and it takes a skilled therapist to do it.

NOT recommended during pregnancy.     

At GERANIUM Skin Boutique, we ensure our treatments are delivered by professional aestheticians to deliver a relaxing and pampering experience. Geranium is crowned by The Singapore Women's Weekly, BEST IN BEAUTY SPA AWARD 2014 GERANIUM is the winner of GUA Sha Fusion in the category of BEST NON-INVASIVE FACELIFT

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