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Tips to Avoid Hair Loss

Hair loss is a bitter reality for millions of people, so you are not alone if you have noticed any thinning patches or a receding hairline. The thing to remember about hair loss is that a major reason for it is aging and genetics. Balding for men can often lead to bald spots or complete baldness. For women it is more likely that the hair on their head becomes much thinner than before instead if actually going bald.


Baldness can be caused by many factors including your lifestyle.  Studies have shown that the more stressful your life and environment is, the more likely you will experience hair loss problems. Stress may divert and prevent blood cells from reaching the hair follicles in your scalp which prevents it from getting nutrition. To prevent this from happening, try your best to avoid stressful situations and set some personal time to relax and do something you love. Exercise also helps as it is a great stress reliever.

The food that you eat is also a factor for hair loss. The lack of proper balanced diet and the body’s daily requirements of vitamins and minerals can contribute to hair loss. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will help make your hair strong and healthy. Also avoid foods with high fat content.

Prolonged sun exposure can also damage your hair. Always remember to protect your hair, wash it regularly and wear a cap or bring an umbrella when going out for long period of time. Using some hair products can also damage your hair and is also a contributing factor for hair loss. If the shampoo or hair conditioners that you are using are too strong then you should switch to a milder one.

Try to follow this simple steps and see how effective they are!

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