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Italy, what to order?

Italy has its own meal structure, which is actually the typical European one, consisting of breakfast, lunch, mid afternoon snack and dinner. Italians also divide a main celebration meal into several different courses. If you were to travel to Italy, it is a must to try the local pasta and pizza. However, before trying out the food, you must first know how to order. The thing you have to know is that, food under Italian descriptions follows the order of the meal. They are written according to before meals, main course and dessert.

It means open a meal, which is similar to an appetizer. Most people would start gathering around standing up and have alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks such as wine and champagne. Sometimes small amounts of food are consumed, such as olives, crisps, nuts, cheese, sauce dips, little quiches or similar snacks.

It means "before the meal" and includes hot and cold appetizers. They are dishes such as bruschetta, crostini and mozzarella in carrozza.

Il primo
It means "first course" which usually made up of of pasta, minestrone, risotto, or zuppa.

Il secondo
It means "second course" which is also the main course that usually made up of meat, poultry or fish.

Il contorno
It means "side dish" which made up of vegetables such as melanzane, spinaci, or insalata mista. It is usually served in another plate with the Secondo.

If the Contorno has many leafy vegetables, the Insalata can be skipped. Or else, a fresh garden salad would be served at this point.

Formaggi e Frutta
An entire course will be dedicated to the local cheeses and fresh fruit. The cheeses and fruit will be whatever fruit is in season.

Il dolce
It means "dessert," which are tiramisu, torta della nonna (custard shortbread pie) or zabaglione (custard of egg yolks with wine and brandy).

A little espresso-sized cup of dark coffee would be consumed for the caffe in an Italian meal. Often it is only drunk at the end of a meal, which is often drunk very quickly in small cups at very high temperatures.

The digestive is served after the coffee, which is the drink to conclude the meal. Drinks such as grappa, amaro, limoncello or other fruit/herbal drinks are served. Digestivo indicates that the drinks served at this time are meant to aid in digestion after a long meal.

Now that you are aware of how to order your Italian food from a menu, you can be more confident when ordering food in Italy.

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