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Guide to drinking coffee in Italy!
Firstly, decide where you will like to have your coffee. Next decide what type for coffee you would like.

1)    Cappuccino
Cappuccino is a coffee drink topped with foamed milk. It is made by a steam-producing espresso machine. The espresso is poured into the bottom third of the cup, followed by a similar amount of hot milk. The top of the drink consists of milk foam. Ordering cappuccino in Italy simply shows that you are a foreigner.

2)    Espresso
Espresso is a concentrated beverage brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. It is actually what the locals usually drink. In Italy it is considered as a quick drink.

3)    Caffe Macchiato
An espresso with a small amount of milk added. Macchiato means “marked” in Italian.

4)    Caffe Ristretto
An espresso with less water added where the coffee is even stronger.

5)    Caffe Lungo
Lungo means “long” in Italian. It refers to making an espresso with much more water

6)    Caffe Freddo
It is actually cold coffee.

7)    Caffe Hag
It is a type of decaffeinated coffee.

8)    Caffe Americano
A weaker version of Espresso as more water is added.

9)    Caffe Corretto
Liquor is added to the espresso.

10)    Caffe Latte
Hot milk mix with coffee.

Now you should have no problem ordering your cup of coffee!

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