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Sushi Etiquette

Sushi is actually the western version of sandwich. It has brought Japanese cuisine onto the world stage. All over the world, sushi restaurants have opened up and many people have tried the cuisine and really love it. However, eating sushi demands a certain form of etiquette that most people do not know or tend to overlook.

For the Japanese, their culture extends to almost every aspect of their daily life. This includes food consumption. Sushi in particular, it is very important to follow the appropriate rules associated with sushi consumption. Here are some guidelines for you to know.

Any order besides sushi or sashimi such as drinks and sides should be ordered from the waitress. The reason being is because it is highly disrespectful to ask the sushi chef for anything besides fish. Also, never ask the sushi chef if the fish is fresh because it suggest otherwise. However, you are allowed to ask for his recommendation. Note that it is rude to leave food behind, so order only when you think you can finish it. You can also order items not listed in the menu as the sushi chef will be honored to prepare it for you.

In Japan, soy sauces are comparable to fine wines. Therefore, do not mix them together with wasabi as it is seen as an insult to the sushi chef. For sushi, it is fine to eat with your hands or chopsticks and it should be eaten in one bite. As for sashimi it should only be eaten with chopsticks. When you are not using the chopstick, it should be placed on the chopstick holder or on the dish, parallel to you. Do not stick it upwards on your rice. If you want to sample a piece of food from other people’s plate, you should use the other end of your chopstick. Drink directly from the bowl of soup if you are not given a spoon.

Finally, remember to tip and thank the sushi chef who served you.

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