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Go green with your laundry

Finding new ways to be environmentally conscious in different aspects of our lives is a constant process – there is always seems to be something more that can be done. Follow these few tips on making laundry at your home a little bit better for the environment and enjoy some savings that come with being smart with washing.

Make your own detergent

Making your own laundry detergent seems daunting as it may sound but with only three key ingredients borax, bar soap and washing powder – you can stop buying boxed and labelled detergent brands, saving yourself money as well as staying eco-friendly. You can also search online for some great recipes for you to try and make at home.

Pay attention to temperature

A lot of people don’t even think when they throw the washing machine on, but regulating the temperature can save 90% of the energy that your washing machine uses. Turn the dial or press the button for cold and save money on your power bill as well.

Wash full loads

Instead of washing smaller loads multiple times a week, save up your laundry for one or two big washes. Fewer loads will save a ton of water and even money on your power bill. Even a big load of laundry uses less powder than two smaller ones. You will also find yourself with a lot more time and a lot less stress only dealing with one load of washing every week.

It is easy to save a load of money and be even more eco-friendly by putting in a little extra effort with your laundry. Take the time to properly plan your washing and take a few of these ideas and be more conservative with your energy use.

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