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It’s Just Lunch

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It’s Just Lunch was founded in 1991 by a resourceful, professional woman. She had been in a long term relationship when her engagement was suddenly called off and she found herself single again. Determined to charge forward she initiated the tedious search to meet “normal”, well-educated professionals. Her friends sent her out on blind dates, she tried personal ads and considered video dating services; however, she wasn’t comfortable with any of these options.She decided the ideal way to meet someone new was face-to-face on a lunch date, or for a drink after work. A simple concept yes, but figuring out the rest of the plan was what carried the concept one step further and made it a success; finding the right people to go out with and the right places to go.

Today It’s Just Lunch boasts over 20 years of successful matchmaking! We have matched tens of thousands of single professionals and arranged over 2 million first dates. You can find It’s Just Lunch worldwide from New York to Los Angeles and from Singapore to Ireland.

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