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Chan Brothers

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As one of Singapore's leading travel companies, we offer the widest choice of destinations from the mainstream to the exotic ones.

While we explore new destinations and venture into opening the roads less travelled, we consistently review and revisit existing ones with new itineraries and experiences. By maintaining a strong marketing and communications link with our customers, prospects, business partners and the general buying public, we attain top-of-mind recall as a reliable travel agency providing quality packages at value-for-money prices. For nearly 50 years, we take pride in delighting our customers with tour experiences that get them to return time and again. We were also the first to set up a sophisticated online travel infrastructure and a call centre as part of our continuous efforts to offer seamless travel experiences from the first touch point to utilisation of service.

We extended the Chan Brothers Travel brand with the inception of a no-frill travel company, Asia Global Vacation. Strategically located in unit 02-75A of People's Park Centre, coined as Singapore's travel retail centre due to its dense congregation of small and medium-sized travel agencies, Asia Global Vacation hopes to reach out to the price-sensitive and deal-driven consumers. Asia Global Vacation offers travel packages without the frills, meaning you are not paying more for extras you do not require. To keep prices low, tour itineraries by Asia Global Vacation are largely packaged with tourist class accommodation and second-line or budget carriers to appeal to price-sensitive consumers looking for good value vacations. With an initial emphasis on Asia and China products, the travel agency has expanded its portfolio of products to include the latest Chinese-speaking tours to long haul destinations such as Europe, Turkey and USA. These tours are conceptualised with middle-aged Chinese-speaking travellers in mind and for the Europe tour, even includes specially arranged 80 percent Chinese meals for those with more conservative palettes.

We further launched our first company-owned franchise shop, Chan's World Holidays. Beyond distributing products and services by Chan Brothers Travel, the bespoke travel agency steers away from mass market tours and instead, plugs existing gaps in the current travel market by offering English-speaking package tours to Asia and China and Chinese-speaking package tours to long haul destinations, a rarity indeed among travel agencies these days. Other offerings include unique and seasonal package tours to destinations off the beaten track as well as Muslim tours to worldwide destinations. Aside from these, the travel agency also offers a good selection of 2-to-go package tours to Israel, Turkey, New Zealand, India and other destinations, a definite boon for those who prefer not to wait for a confirmed departure to fly and yet want to reap the cost savings from economies of scale of a package tour.

By catering to all ages and budgets, new and repeat visitors alike, we continue to stride ahead with our reliability, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Diversifying our travel portfolio to include strategic investments in 3 key properties, we continue to broaden our portfolio's exposure across a range of asset classes, to shoulder fluctuations caused by economic and financial events and ride ahead of our competition at all times.

Additional Info

  • Address: 150 South Bridge Road, #07-01, Fook Hai Building, Singapore 058727
  • Phone: +65 6438 8880
  • Fax: +65 6534 3092
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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