Tips on how to prepare your home when you’re moving

If you are ready to move, whether you’re moving to a new city or just to a new home within your town, there are a lot of things to do to prepare your house. Without any proper planning the entire process can seem overwhelming so use this guide the next time you’re preparing to move.

Make a Checklist

As soon as you know that you’re moving, sit down and make a checklist of all the things you need to do. Unless you’re planning on moving everything yourself, you will need to get quotes from a number of different companies. Consider whether you will be using a moving company and local movers to pack everything up or whether they will just be picking up furniture and boxes you’ve already packed. When shortlisting companies, don’t rule out commercial movers.  Commercial movers might be willing to handle your move, especially if business is slow. Also ask about storage for your belongings if you’ll be living in temporary house. If you decide that a moving company isn’t for you, you will still need to arrange to rent a truck so don’t forget to include that in your checklist.

Get rid of stuffs you no longer use

Chances are good that you have items you rarely use or pieces of clothing that you never wear anymore. Instead of loading everything up in boxes and transporting it to you new home, get rid of it. Items that are in good condition can be donated to charity resale shop. If you are shifting to a smaller house, consider tagging furniture that you won’t be bringing to your new house. Some people prefer to sell bulky items through online classifieds.

Hiring a moving company can be a great help. Using these tips can go a long way towards a smooth move.

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