Basic moving tip

When you are moving, there are some things that you can keep in mind. So before moving, remember to take things that you don’t want to the Salvation Army. Most people tend to just either leave their things behind or throw them into the garbage, which is a waste.

Giving them away is a form of donation where things that you don’t want can still be used by others who need it. Therefore, it is also considered doing something good for the society. Also, it is recommended that you keep your important documents with you before hiring the mover. This makes sure that you don’t lose any of them in the busy moving process. Remind yourself that even how much you trust the movers, it doesn’t hurt to be too careful. Below are more tips on the actual moving:

Fully utilize the boxes provided
First call your movers to see how big will be the boxes that they will be providing. You should then pack your clothes according to the size of the box. Inform your movers on how many boxes you need after you finish packing your clothes. You should also do the same for the rest of your stuff. This will help you save on money for the boxes because each boxes is fully utilized. Remember to not put too much into a box in case the box give way!

Organized ahead of time
You should start organizing and packing your stuff before your moving day. Get your movers company to deliver the packing boxes to you in advance. By packing your stuff in advance, on the day of moving the movers only need to do the moving. It is more cost efficient because no time is wasted. Moving companies will also be more than happy to deliver boxes ahead of your moving day as they can do it fast and attend to other clients.

Mark your boxes
Assign a color code for each room in your new home, proceed to paste a matching sticker on the box that is meant to be move to the room. You should then put a matching sticker on the door to let the movers know that the box is meant to go to that room. If you will like to make things even easier for you during unpacking, you can also paste message stickers to let the movers know where your stuff needs to be.

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