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Slimming Tips for a Sexier You

Losing weight was never easy. Doesn’t it seem like it is a lot easier to gain weight than to lose it? The fact of the matter is most people do not gain weight overnight; it takes time, same goes with losing weight. It is not really difficult to lose weight; it just takes some practical advice using methods that have worked for other people in the past. The problem for some people is that they overthink the problem and they tend to dismiss that most slimming tips are easy to work out. Here are some simple tips on how you can shed off those extra pounds;


Tip 1: Water is good for you; it can decrease your appetite for food by drinking a full glass of water 20 minutes before you eat. The water will make you feel fuller, which in turn will cause you to eat less.

Tip 2: Avoid eating heavy meals in the evening, especially before bedtime, take some time to enjoy a cup of herbal slimming tea. Like water the tea will make you feel full, also having a cup of slimming tea will reduce your cravings for food.

Tip 3: Resistance isn’t futile! Everyone has cravings, often triggered by a thought or a smell, however if you ignore that craving for at least 15 minutes, you will find that you no longer crave for that certain food you have in mind a few minutes ago.

Tip 4: You might have heard about eating five times a day, but the truth is you will lose more weight if you eat small frequent meals within the day. What’s more is that you will find that you eat lesser over time because you will not be as hungry as you are when you usually eat full meal 3 times a day.

Tip 5: Make your breakfast and lunch meals the heaviest meal for the day. Eating a heavy meal early in the day, especially if you exercise, will allow proper digestion and you will burn some calories and fat that you have just consumed.

Tip 6: Exercise in the morning. If you exercise in the morning you will not only increase your metabolism, but you will also have more energy within the day.

Tip 7: Cut yourself some slack and give yourself a treat from time to time to combat cravings and prevent yourself from giving up on the strict diet.

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