Why use self-storage?

The use of self-storage facilities has grown dramatically over the past few years, as space becomes more of a problem and consumers increase of buying habits. Convenience is an important factor in deciding whether or not to use self-storage facilities. The terms governing self-storage are flexible and usually only run from month to month. You are free to terminate the service as soon as you no longer need it. There are no long term binding contracts.  Self-storage is also flexible regarding the belongings that can be stored.

Self-storage is a relatively inexpensive way to meet your increased storage needs. Units come in varying sizes and the average monthly cost will depend on the size of the unit that you rent. Privacy is assured, as you use your own lock and keys to keep your unit secure. You are also the only one who controls the access to your unit.

Coordination and integration of services has increased as more and more facilities have begun offering truck rental, moving supplies, mail boxes and a range of other products and services to assist you with moving your goods into storage.  They will also help you to coordinate all your needs from one location.

Units are climate controlled, which means that they are perfect for storing all your personal belongings, even delicate items prone to wear and tear in changing conditions like books. Some facilities even have humidity control features for extra protection of your belongings.

Self-storage is one of those commodities that you can live without until you get it, and then you have no idea how you survived so long without it.

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