How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

You have spent your entire life dreaming of your wedding, and picking the right wedding photographer could mean the difference between regret and joy when you recall your wedding day.

On this special day, be careful not to cut corners on your photographer because these are the tangible memories that you will keep and remember, so don’t let yourself be disappointed. You only have one chance to get it right so it is extremely important to do your research, decide what you want and invest in the skills and expertise of a professional wedding photographer, even within a budget.

Before embarking on the challenge to choose your wedding photographer, decide what kind of style you want for your photos, which will usually tie in with the style of your wedding, so that you can choose someone who is best suited to you. It is always advisable to find a wedding photographer with creative flare, an eye for detail, lighting and composition as you want to capture your day as an organic scene for your photographs, rather than only a staged set. Formal photographs have their own advantages and aesthetic appeal, but even so, be sure to choose a wedding photographer that doesn’t sit in the corner waiting for your instructions. You want someone who will take the initiative to move around, capturing the emotions and joy of all the guests, and you and your partner, in the way that you had envisioned with their skill thrown in to produce your perfect photographs. Bear in mind that wedding photographers have experience in specific styles so if you are looking for a combination of traditional and reportage photographs, it is essential that you discuss your requirements and wishes with the wedding photographer before choosing anyone. Don't forget to check with your bridal shop and prepare the most suitable wedding dresses or gowns.

Here are a few tips and hints of the aspects of the wedding photographs that you should be looking out for to decide whether a photographer is skilled and proficient in your desired style. Firstly, you must always look at the wedding photographer’s portfolios. A good indication of the skill of the wedding photographer is whether there are consistently good photographs within the same wedding, rather than having a large quantity of few shots from several weddings. For a reportage style, it is important to look holistically at a portfolio of a few weddings to see that the style and quality of the whole day is captured throughout the photos, rather than a few “lucky shots”.

Finally, be happy with the person that your photographer is! You want to feel that he/she is taking the day as seriously as you are, rather than as just another job.

So, it is important to find someone who has skill and the eye for beauty that suits with what you want, who will listen to you and capture every wonderful moment of your memorable day!

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