5 Wedding Photography Trends

Customized Photo booths
Why is photo booths loved? Because it’s fun and funny! There are many different ways to create a photo booth.  The trend in the last few years is either an automatic set-up, or a small portable studio manned by a photographer, or their assistant. A photo booth is completed with backdrop, props, costumes and perhaps even chalkboards or signs for guests to write messages on. Simply make your guest write something funny on it and use it as a prop. It is definitely a fun and crazy experience for people to have a series of silly shots to commemorate the couple special day. It is certainly, a good opportunity to move away from all the stiff and posed traditional wedding photography.

“Candid” shoots
Candid shots are hard to capture, especially good ones. Therefore, the best way is to plan “candid” photos shoots. Where we create the scene and then try to relax and act spontaneous in front of the photographer. He will then snap away. Rest assures that he will be sure to catch many great stylish “candid” photos. These carefully constructed shots will look as though they were totally unplanned.

Going Vintage
Along with the Great Gatsby fever, vintage is all the rage in the bridal industry. From accessories to bridal wear, décor to post-production photography effects, vintage is firmly in style. The 20s and 30s fashion plays a central part in the future of wedding style. Headpieces, tea-length wedding dresses, beads and pearls are on trend for bridal wear, and vintage accessories will surely feature in many wedding photos this year.

Tint Black & White
Sepia is a classic example which complements vintage wedding photography. Many photographers are still trying out all sorts of different tones this year, looking for something new and different.

Celebrity Style
Couples love pretending to be some famous celebrity getting married and trying to look their best in front of the paparazzi cameras. The great thing is that you can remake any scenes you want and pose like a movie star for a day.

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